Frequently asked questions

Build A Plane FAQ

How do I start a BuildAPlane project?

The first step is to simply log onto the BuildAPlane website. select START A PROJECT. When BuildAPlane receives your application, you will be contacted by our staff.

Who can start a Build A Plane Project

In every case, BuildAPlane is most interested in people who are willing to make a commitment to put together a program to involve kids in aviation. High school teachers, EAA Chapters, and even groups with no aviation affiliation whatsoever have contacted as a resource to facilitate a project. Each program is unique because it is designed and implemented by individuals who would like to contribute and take advantage of their particular skill sets. exists as a resource to bring together the three key components—kids, adults interested in donating their times and talents and aircraft owners who would like to donate an airplane.

What ages are kids in the projects?

BuildAPlane is guided toward high schools and colleges, though BuildAPlane is currently developing some curricula for kids from elementary through high school.

How do we get a project aircraft?

Often BuildAPlane participants are able to acquire an aircraft from a donor in their local area. There is always a good chance of finding an inactive aircraft at local airports, and a huge number of partially completed kit planes are out there as well. In other cases, also solicits aircraft donations and directs them to groups who wish to start a BAP project.

What does it cost to get an airplane?

Build A Plane solicits aircraft donations and then coordinates efforts to get that airplane delivered to schools or other groups wanting to start a project. The aircraft is donated by BuildAPlane to the Build A Plane project group with a small administrative fee of $300 dollars.

How does the aircraft get from the donor to the Build A Plane group?

Build A Plane does not offer delivery or any financial help in moving the aircraft. Costs of transporting the aircraft rest with the BuildAPlane group. Some groups have moved the aircraft themselves with a small truck or trailer, while others have paid for professional aircraft movers. BuildAPlane will help you find the best method for you and your group.

Does Build A Plane offer any financial programs toward the completion of project aircraft?

No. To date, BuildAPlane has been tremendously successful relying on volunteers, dedication and enthusiasm to see the projects through to completion.

What happens to an aircraft once it’s completed?

That decision rests with the BuildAPlane group. BuildAPlane donates the aircraft or aircraft components and merely asks for the group to receive our written permission if they ever intend to sell the aircraft or any of its parts.

Are there any membership fees, dues or other expenses?