SeaPerch Underwater Robotics

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An innovative underwater robotics program

SeaPerch is an innovative program that is designed for middle school to high school students. It is a STEM program that uses engineering principles for design and construction of an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle, known as an underwater ROV. What makes the SeaPerch program different is that students build this ROV from raw materials. They will measure, cut, drill, assemble, prepare, solder, create, test and then compete.

The Port City SeaPerch Challenge is a competition where students can compete using the SeaPerch ROV. Navigating an obstacle course, performing various tasks and maneuvers, all while maintaining a project notebook for a final presentation.

Winning teams from the Port City SeaPerch Stockton competition will be selected to compete in the International SeaPerch Challenge where they will be competing with teams from around the world.

For more information regarding the SeaPerch program visit their website;

And for information regarding the Port City SeaPerch Stockton regional competition contact David Varela at