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A STEM-driven program for youth

Youth Eagles Aviation & Aerospace Education

The 2019 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook, a respected industry forecast of personnel demand, projects that 804,000 new civil aviation pilots, 769,000 new maintenance technicians, and 914,000 new cabin crew will be needed to fly and maintain the world fleet over the next 20 years. The forecast is inclusive of the commercial aviation, business aviation, and civil helicopter industries.

The demand will stem from a mix of fleet growth, retirements, and attrition. Meeting this strong demand will require a collective effort from across the global aviation industry. As several hundred thousand pilots and technicians reach retirement age over the next decade, educational outreach and career pathway programs will be essential to inspiring and recruiting the next generation of personnel.

Every job of the future will require a basic understanding of math and science. Science and technology careers exist in a culture of inspiration, discovery, and innovation. Advances in technology will have a meaningful impact on the lives of every American.

The U.S. has fallen from 3rd to 17th in the world in the number of college graduates in engineering programs. In the U.S., only 5% of science degrees are awarded in engineering, as compared with 50% in China. If not addressed, the expected shortage of skilled workers could decrease the U.S.’s global competitiveness and may result in a lack of expertise in mission-critical areas.


This program meets the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the NASA Directorate by expanding the number of students involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.



The Youth Eagles Aviation and Aerospace Education STEM program is located in Stockton, California at the Stockton Metropolitan airport. It serves the students of San Joaquin County, such schools as the Stockton Unified School District (SUSD), San Joaquin Delta College, San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE), and the University of the Pacific.


The YEAAE program is designed to prepare students for the fundamentals of a pathway to aviation and aerospace. It also prepares students for advanced training in the aviation industry. Program highlights include:
  • Fundamentals of Flight
  • Flight Planning
  • Navigation
  • Communication
  • Ground Operations
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Electronics
  • Engine Science
  • Engineering Concepts



The Youth Eagles Aviation and Aerospace Education sustains itself with donations and volunteerism from the community, along with the local airport industry. Please donate now!